Where Can I Find The Best Fish and Chips?

Earlier in March in the spirit of Mardi Gras and Lent I was set to make Trout Meniere Amandine. I found the recipe in a cookbook featuring dishes of New Orleans, which being a French classic, Trout Meniere Amandine was included. Well, the day got away from me and I never made it to the store to get the fish, so, still in the mood for fish, and hungry and wanting it fast but not wanting to dine out, we decided to get a carry out. But from where? We didn’t want to spend a lot of time deciding so we just called the local bar and grill. The fish and chips we got were standard. Nothing great… nothing bad, but it inspired me to find out where other people get fish and chips and if there was a place that excelled above the rest so the next time we wanted some we’d know exactly where to go.

Well, the recommendations came in…Dinghy’s in Frankfort, Whitey’s in Davison, Commonwealth Club in Warren, The Hideout in Clawson, Tom’s Oyster Bar in Royal Oak and Scotty Simpson’s in Detroit.

The post inspired dinner plans to Scotty Simpson’s, which I’d never heard of before, but shortly after hearing about it in my post feed saw it (two days later) featured on Live In The D – Dining in the D. WoW! This did look like “the best fish and chips in Detroit” as my cousin who recommended it attested to! And as some say…in the world!

That was the only place of the recommendations that I made it to, and there’s nothing more I can say about it that wasn’t said in the video clip here…it was spot on! Friendly and delicious!  

I also had fish and chips from Brown Iron Brewhouse and fish tacos, which were good. The batter on the fish and chips, melts in your mouth, and the coleslaw, as you can see, didn’t last long!

20170331_182400 20170331_182404

I also managed to make Trout Meniere Amandine, but with whitefish – floured, salt-and-peppered and sautéed in butter with lemon and worcestershire sauce. I’ll give myself a pat on the back… It was fantastic!  


So, today being Good Friday, if you are looking for one last fish and chips meal for the season or looking to whip up a dish of your own, you have some ideas here.   

Pot Roast Sandwich, Triple Hog Melt and Craft Beer in Mid-Michigan

On a recent road trip through mid-Michigan, thanks to an internet search we found Ryan’s Roadhouse in St. John’s.  Being late at night and hungry we wanted something quick and filling, but not too heavy… and there were so many sandwich choices here that could fit the bill.  SO many! But a standout was the Pot Roast Sandwich…as we have one of these of our own and love it, we knew how good it could be…this one was also on Texas toast like ours, but had the addition of green peppers… 3 of 4 of us were sold on it and ordered it up!

Pot Roast Sandwich at Ryan's Roadhouse

Pot Roast Sandwich at Ryan’s Roadhouse

The fourth person in our party went with the Triple Hog Melt … pulled pork, bacon and ham  smothered in Swiss cheese and onions. We were all extremely satisfied with our sandwiches.

There were also craft beers available and one of my favorites… a Tiramisu Stout brewed by Ellison Brewery in East Lansing  was the “icing on the cake” for me!

Tiramisu Stout from Ellison Brewery served at Ryan's Roadhouse in St. John's

Tiramisu Stout from Ellison Brewery served at Ryan’s Roadhouse in St. John’s

There was also a salad bar option available as an add-on, lots of main dishes, pizza, and plenty more to choose from.

We will definitely keep Ryan’s Roadhouse in mind the next time we pass through mid-Michigan! And you may want to, too!



Shredderz Food Truck … Bring on the potatoes!!

Celebrating The Big Game Detroit Rally yesterday at Campus Martius Park in Detroit, I had the opportunity to try a “Build Your Own Breakfast” by Shredderz Food Truck… and let me tell you… I can eat a lot, but this was ALMOST too much for me! It was hearty, filling, and FULL of flavor with green peppers, onions, cheddar cheese, pepper and a fried egg on top of a bed of hash browns.  


Hash browns are the chief ingredient of Shredderz menu … here are the other options they were serving up yesterday.


Here’s a video clip describing the deliciousness pictured above.

Shredderz will be at Campus Martius Park for the rest of this week…and I’m sure they’ll be back after that! 




Red or Blue? Maybe Red, White and Blue? Debate Night Drinks

This is it! It’s a big night in American politics with the first debate between the presidential candidates of the 2016 presidential election. And it’s an especially historic occasion with the first female presidential candidate and the most controversial candidate ever! Tonight’s debate is expected to draw a record viewing audience as the democrat’s political insider, Hilary Clinton, takes the stage with the Republican’s political outsider and successful American businessman, Donald Trump.

Here are a couple festive drinks for your debate night viewing. There’s red, blue AND red white and blue options! Enjoy! And God Bless America!




For Donald Trump supporters, there’s two options…

Over ice,  mix the following

1 oz. Tequila

1 oz. grenadine

Finish with raspberry lemonade


Over ice,  mix the following

1 oz. banana rum

1 oz. grenadine

Finish with orange juice


For Hilary Clinton supporters…

Over ice, mix the following

2 oz. vodka

Lemon lime soda

A splash of cool blue Gatorade


The undecided RED, WHITE And BLUE

Equal parts of Cranberry juice, pina colada mix and cool blue Gatorade in that order.

Start with cranberry juice in glass, fill with ice and pour over the ice slowly the pina colada mix and the Gatorade




Coming Through for the Community and Giving YOU Something Good to Eat! Hard Rock Cafe Detroit Offers The Legendary Roop Raj Sandwich

Hey, Detroit! Have you tried The Legendary Roop Raj sandwich at Hard Rock Cafe Detroit yet? If not, it’s not too late to EAT and DO some GOOD!

For 8 years Hard Rock International, Yoko Ono Lennon and WhyHunger have joined forces for the IMAGINE THERE’S NO HUNGER campaign, which aims to fight childhood hunger and poverty through the support of sustainable agriculture education and nutritious meals. Inspired by John Lennon and his iconic song “IMAGINE,” the campaign strives to turn his dream of a world with no hunger into a reality. This year Hard Rock Cafe Detroit has teamed up with Roop Raj of FOX 2 Detroit as part of the 8th Annual IMAGINE THERE’S NO HUNGER Campaign with a portion of the proceeds of The Legendary Roop Raj sandwich benefitting Gleaners Community Food Bank, an organization that has distributed 34 million pounds of emergency food to more than 510 partner soup kitchens, shelters and pantries in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, and Monroe counties in the past year.

The Legendary Roop Raj is a chicken breast sandwich marinated in barbeque sauce and topped with shredded cheese, mayo, onion slices, lettuce and tomato. It’s  “D”elicious!

Roop Raj frame - Copy             Roop Raj Sandwich - Copy

The Legendary Roop Raj sandwich is available at Hard Rock Cafe Detroit through December 31, 2015.

AND THAT”S NOT ALL!! In addition to WhyHunger, True to Hard Rock’s mottos, “Love All – Serve All” and “Take Time to be Kind,” philanthropy has been the soul of the brand since its founding in 1971, and now guests can join in the fight against childhood hunger and poverty. Also through December, guests can support by visiting Hard Rock properties around the world or going online to purchase limited-edition IMAGINE THERE’S NO HUNGER merchandise. For a $2 donation, guests can choose from an assortment of colored bracelets with 100 percent of funds raised benefiting WhyHunger. Additionally, 15 percent of the retail price of the IMAGINE shirt, which features the inspiring words “IMAGINE THERE’S NO HUNGER” alongside a peace sign, will benefit WhyHunger. Merchandise is available for purchase at Rock Shops at Hard Rock Cafe, Hotel and Casino properties around the world and online at www.hardrock.com. 

With Hard Rock and the gracious support of Yoko Ono Lennon through the years, IMAGINE has helped communities grow enough food to provide more than 9.8 million nutritious meals in 31 countries. The campaign has supported programs that taught more than 47,800 community members techniques for sustained food production and has raised more than $6.8 million to help fight childhood hunger.

For additional information on the IMAGINE program, visit www.hardrock.com/IMAGINE.

#ImagineNoHunger #hrc313legendaryroop

BEST Cheese Ball EVER!!!!!

cheesball finished

I made this for a couple holiday parties already this year and I think I’m going to make it again for New Year’s Eve! I was told at each party I brought it to (by different people;)that it was the BEST cheese ball they had ever had.  I do agree!

Plus, it’s really quick and easy with tremendously tasty results! AND it’s pretty with festive red cranberries, green from rosemary and a hint of gold from walnuts, which fit in nicely with Thanksgiving and Christmas. For New Year’s Eve,  I’ll  up the  gold factor by drizzling it with honey.

It’s simply equal amounts honey goat cheese and cream cheese mixed with dried cranberries and fresh rosemary covered with walnuts.

Here’s how I made it:

Open a block of cream cheese to soften it.  The goat cheese is soft enough as it is. Cut the block of cream cheese in half and mix it with an equal amount of the goat cheese. If you want a more pronounced goat cheese flavor than add more than half of the goat cheese.   It’s personal preference. I think I actually made it ¾ goat cheese to ½ cream cheese.  If you can’t find honey goat cheese, plain is fine. You could also add your own honey. Also, you could finish the plate off by drizzling honey over the ball and plate to hold the dried cranberries and a rosemary sprig in place for an aesthetic touch.

After mixing the cheeses together, I first mix in chopped dried cranberries.

cheese ball dried cranberries

After those are evenly blended, I add chopped rosemary and make sure it is evenly dispersed within the cheese.

cheese ball mixture 2

Once this is done, I roll it up into a ball and into the walnuts I finely chopped, and plate it.  On the plate, I surround it with whole dried cranberries and a dusting of rosemary.  A rosemary sprig is also a nice addition.  And, as I mentioned above, for  New Years Eve I will drizzle the finished ball with honey to give it a glitzy gold effect  and will also replace the cranberries on the plate with walnuts as they are considered lucky, aren’t they?

cheeseball walnuts

And being gold  and glitzy with a little bit of luck thrown in is a great way to start the New Year I think! Don’t you !?!  Happy New Year 2015 everyone!!


My first Holiday Baking event with #FoodNetworkOnXI and LOTS of cookies!!!

Cookies! Cookies! AND MORE COOKIES!! I went to my first blogger event this past weekend!!! YAY! And there were a lot of cookies! Comcast Michigan hosted the Holiday Baking event at a Sterling Heights Xfinity store where a group of Michigan bloggers watched the premiere of Food Network’s Holiday Baking Championship: Holiday Cookie Madness., participated in a cookie contest, by either baking or tasting…or both!, and learned about Xfinity.

xfinity cookie spread

While ALL the cookies were delicious, my faves were top picked winners by the group! Just sayin’…I know how to pick’em! Congrats and thanks to my fellow bloggers who know how to bake ‘em!!)  Also, I learned more about MY Xfinity Comcast and I can’t wait to utilize the capabilities  I found out about…especially the movie night pick feature in which each family member puts their movie choices in a “pot” and Comcast makes the choice! … no more movie night mayhem! YAY, again!!

Receiving a swag bag from event sponsors was a nice surprise! It was filled with Rosemary Sea Salt Beer Bread mix from Boardwalk Food Company , a Tervis (Made in America!) tumbler, a Peanut Butter & Co sample,  Food Network magazine with 116 holiday recipes to try! Oh, my!  I better get cooking!…and lots of Comcast goodies!

xfinity group

Thanks week99er for organizing the event and inviting me! I look forward to more. #FoodNetworkonXI…delicious!!


Wow!  It’s been WAY too long since my last blog post!! And I’ve had SO many good food experiences that I can’t wait to tell you about!! Some of the highlights are Famous Daves’ Hot Mess BBQ Sundae (layers of beans, pork, coleslaw, BBQ Sauce and cornbread) that was so devilishly delicious at Ford Arts, Beats & Eats,  a Reuben appetizer at a family party, Apple Pie on the Rocks that I found on Pinterest from Vegan Yack Attack (http://veganyackattack.com/2013/12/03/apple-pie-on-the-rocks/) and a mellow Maple Tea I picked up at the Duty Free store in Windsor PLUS the best sweet corn I’ve had in my life … and it was UNCOOKED!

Since this is too much for one post, the focus here will be on the corn.


There’s a vegetable stand about a mile from my house that sells flowers, fruits and vegetables including  SUPERSWEET FRESH CORN!

Now I don’t know about you, but when I buy corn I peel it down a little bit to make sure it looks good and so on my first visit of the year to this farm stand I headed to the corn and began to do just that when the boss farmer sitting on the end of the corn stand asked me, “Have you ever had our corn before?”  To which I replied,  “Yes, it’s very good.” He inquisitively continued, “How are you going to cook it?”  Well, I hesitated because I knew my favorite easy way to cook corn in my Tupperware container meant specifically for microwaving corn (I know, it sounds gross, but it gives prefect results without fail) was not going to fly with this old school guy.  Thankfully, he really didn’t want to hear how I was going to cook my corn, he just wanted to tell me how to cook it. And so I listened, and I learned.

He told me to NOT peel the corn because most of the corn’s flavor is gone 20 minutes after you peel it. Instead he said to cut the ends of the corn off so they’re flat and the boil it in the husks, cornsilk and all, for 5 – 6 minutes and then run each ear under cold water,  and then peel the husk … and everything easily comes off… and because it wasn’t peeled, no flavor is lost, but rather enhanced because it was all cooked intact!!!  This was an easy way to get all that corn hair to come off easily and the corn was done perfectly!  I’m so glad I stopped when I did because I never saw the boss farmer on subsequent visits.

Oh. I almost forgot about the uncooked part! Before I got my “corn cooking” lesson my mentor grabbed a cob of corn, peeled the husk back slightly and handed it to me with the order to taste it…which having never eaten uncooked corn on the cob before I answered “RAW?”  and so there I stood noshing on a raw corn cob handed to me by a stranger… and  it was so sweet and so juicy and so good! I was afraid if it were cooked it’d ruin the flavor!!! And I was told that from this day forward I was NEVER to buy corn ANYWHERE without first tasting it… ok I agreed but while this is acceptable practice at the corner farmer’s stand, I’m not so sure how it will go over in the typical public grocery store… and I’m not sure I want to find out… partly because I think I’d feel kind of strange peeling and eating next to my cart but MOSTLY because I know the corn will never meet the excellent level of freshness, juiciness and tastiness of  boss farmers’ corn!

Food Trucks — Bringing all kinds of food to a street near you!

I know the food truck craze has gotten pretty big and since I had only experienced this phenomenon once last summer at a music in the park type event when I saw there was a food truck rally at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market, I decided to attend with my family.

What a fun concept with different food choices available to satisfy different cravings that may exist amongst those in a group or to make up an eclectic dinner for oneself.

Last summer at the event I was at there was only one food choice and one dessert choice – pierogies and ice cream. The event that I attended last night offered about 7 food trucks, 2 of which offered dessert. Mexican, BBQ, mac & cheese, French sandwiches and dessert, pizza and ice cream were the options. After reviewing the menus and prices and after a short conversation about whether or not to stay or leave and go to a restaurant for a complete meal for about the same price and some “REAL” drinks we got our food truck tasting party started with 2 fire roasted pizzas – one Chicken Mediterranean and one Pile Up!from Rollin Stone Wood Fired Pizza truck.

pile up pizza - rollin stone wood fired pizza truck

They were both VERY good … loved the smoked flavor and fresh ingredients and the fact that they were just baked in front of us in a wood fire oven! Very cool!

fire roasting oven

Wanting to try something else , off we went to peruse the offerings again. We decided to go Mexican with El Guapo Grill food truck. Two of us tried the Korean Beef Taco which is marinated rib eye and asian slaw. It was super delicious!!! The other two each had tacos which were good also, but gone way too quick!

Just like my first experience with the pierogies,  I found food truck dining a bit cumbersome…we didn’t get plates to eat from and all our tacos were in one container.

While I’m sure it’s quite a lucrative business for food truck operators, and while the food we had was very good and great tasting, we weren’t sold on the whole food truck dining concept. If you want a sit down meal, this isn’t it. But if you want a walk up bite to eat with your hands and be done, which is the object of street food I guess, isn’t it?, than this was all that!  If you haven’t experienced food trucks,  you might as well give it a try. You might LOVE it. Here’s a link to a newly formed food truck group on Facebook,  Motor City Street Eats, where you can find out where and when food trucks will be. https://www.facebook.com/motorcitystreeteats/info


Happy 4th of July…Red, White and BlueBERRIES!

Here’s a quick, easy and festive fourth of July hors d’oeuvre … Red White and Blue fruit and cheese bites.



This is so simple to make and with fresh fruit and cheese as the only ingredients, it’s healthy, too!

All you have to do is cube watermelon and fresh mozzarella, skewer  them on a toothpick and top it with a blueberry. Being bite size, the combination of the fruit all at once will  surely spark your taste buds!